The Awards

The World Steak Challenge held on 4 July at the Magic Roundabout in London, enables steak producers and suppliers to test the quality of their steak production against all international competitors.

Success in the competition and the independent stamp of quality that comes with it can be used as an integral part of a PR and marketing campaign to build exports and drive sales in home markets.

It will also provide an opportunity to engage with consumers to celebrate the joy and benefits of eating steak as part of a healthy balanced diet and highlight the quality and standards of steak production around the globe.

“Being able to use the Gold medal logo is a very powerful marketing tool as it indicates the quality of the product and the quality of our systems and production methods” – Rangers Valley

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Reasons to enter the World Steak Challenge:

  • Independently prove the quality of your product
  • Publicise and promote the credentials of your brand
  • Test the quality of your steak production against all international competitors
  • Success in the competition can help to build exports and drive sales in home markets
  • Your chance to win a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal, or the World’s Best Steak Producer title
  • Benefit from the international PR campaign targeting all steak buyers – business and consumer – across all platforms: TV, radio, national press, magazines and social channels


Here are some ways the logo have been used by previous winners


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