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We have made it our mission to hunt down the world’s best steak producers and reward perfection in steak.

The categories for this year’s World Steak Challenge are World’s Best Sirloin, World’s Best Rib Eye and World’s Best Fillet. There are also awards for the Best Grain-fed and Best Grass-fed steaks as well as the overall winner.

Reasons to enter the World Steak Challenge:

  • Independently prove the quality of your product
  • Publicise and promote the credentials of your brand
  • Test the quality of your steak production against all international competitors
  • Success in the competition can help to build exports and drive sales in home markets
  • Your chance to win a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal, or the World’s Best Steak Producer title
  • Benefit from the international PR campaign targeting all steak buyers – business and consumer – across all platforms: TV, radio, national press, magazines and social channels

Who can enter

This challenge is open to all steak producing and processing companies whether trading nationally or internationally such as:

  • Beef Producers
  • Cattle farmers and ranchers
  • Beef processors
  • Steak brands
  • Beef wholesalers
  • Retailers

To find out if your country is eligible to enter click here

The World Steak Challenge enables steak producers and suppliers to test the quality of their steak production against all international competitors. It will also provide an opportunity for entrants to engage with consumers to celebrate the joy and benefits of eating steak as part of a healthy balanced diet and highlight the quality and standards of steak production around the globe.

Entering is easy, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Ensure that your country is eligible to enter. If you are entering from outside the EU you must make sure that the meat is from an EU approved plant.

Step 2. Give your name and contact information. If your entry is provided by a retailer/wholesaler, details of the producer will also be required

Step 3. Pay for your entries

Step 4. Further Information about the animal is required in this step. Ensure you do not submit your entry until you have all the information below. Please note, this form can be saved.

  • Age of animal at the time of slaughter
  • Sex of animal.
  • Breed of animal, including crossbreeds, eg. Limousin
  • Predominant feed regime of animal, eg. at least 90% grain-fed or grass-fed, and whether the animal was finished on an alternate feed regime to the predominant
  • Date of slaughter
  • Location and name of the farm where the animal was bred/reared
  • Slaughterhouse where processed and if different, the name of the cutting plant where the loin(s) were cut
  • Maturation method and time (hanging, vacuum packing)
  • Information relevant to supporting the entry of up to 200 words


Take a look at what to expect at this two-day event


Once you have completed and paid for your entry a member of our dedicated events management team will be in direct contact with complete information about the dispatch and successful delivery of your entry.