Fred Smith

“From a very young age, steak was my favourite thing to eat. I then trained as a chef and my passion for beef and butchery grew. In all my time as a head chef beef was a key menu item and sourcing and serving the best possible steaks was what I was best at. I did all my own butchery and used the trim to produce some of the finest burgers in London.

My reputation as a passionate beef lover led me to meet Charlie Carrol and help him set up the first Flat Iron – a gold medal winner in the first World Steak Challenge after submitting beef from our own herd.

I am now Head of Beef for Flat Iron and oversee the sourcing, butchery and cooking of all of our steaks. We have a small herd of cattle in Yorkshire, an in-house butchery and tirelessly work to find the finest beef from all over the world to put on the menu. Frankly, it is my dream job!”