Ioannis Grammenos

Hailing from Corfu, Greece, Ioannis Grammenos is a highly-experienced chef with a culinary background that stretches back over 20 years. He has worked across a range of kitchens in Europe, collaborating with global brands such as Moet & Chandon and Lipton. He has also hosted and featured in episodes of Chef on Air for the Mega Channel in Greece.

In his role at Heliot Steak House, Ioannis has developed a range of innovative dishes inspired by classic American cuisine with touches of lighter European influences drawn from his past experience. He utilises only the best 28-day aged USDA prime steaks, which are available in nine different classic cuts including fillet and T-bone, as well as a wide selection of fresh seasonal ingredients to create his menus that change four times a year.

This May, Ioannis was named the world’s first Meatologist™, with the opening of the country’s first School of Meatology™ at Heliot Steak House. The school provides a series of classes that take place throughout the year, educating meat lovers on how to cook a steak as well as how to prepare the beef and use all the various cuts.

Since Ioannis has taken the helm at Heliot Steak House, the restaurant has won Best Steak Restaurant in London in the Bookatable Awards for 2015, 2017 and 2018. The restaurant has also been named the Best UK Casino Restaurant 2018 by the British Casino Awards and Best Steakhouse 2018 in the Lux Magazine Bar and Restaurant Awards.