Nikifor Mleczak

Nikifor Mleczak was born in Poland and started his journey in London around 14 years ago.

For the most of his career, Nikifor worked within catering/restaurant sector and have gained experience whilst working as a Chef, Waiter, warehouse manager and delivery driver for meat wholesale business. My current position of National Account Manager at Freedown Food Ltd. (London’s high-end meat importer and distributor in UK and Europe) is a result of a true passion for product, cooking and Chef’s profession.

The last three are also a reason for creating his personal website where he aims to promote high-quality meat, hardworking Chefs and outstanding suppliers/producers to the restaurant industry.

In the name of my motto ‘eat less but eat well,’ I am actively promoting high-end meats via my YouTube Channel (Kitchen Army by Nikifor Mleczak) and Instagram page (@wagyu_cooking_chefs).

“I feel super privileged to be judging World Steak Challenge 2018 amongst other professionals and to have an honour of tasting best meats from over the world during the event”.

“I look forward to meeting many meat lovers very soon”!