Roberto Costa

Founder of Macellaio RC

Roberto Costa was born and raised in Genoa, home of pesto, farinata and focaccia; the top of Italy’s ‘boot’ and one of the largest port cities in the Northwest of Italy. Displaying an early interest in food, he was only 17 when he started helping his mother make her famous minestrone soup with pesto at the family-run ‘Tratoria I dui Fre’ in the suburbs of Genoa. Three years later, Roberto was appointed Restaurant Manager at Pagura Bernarda Restaurant, Piazza del Cavalletto where he found a passion for the hospitality industry.

Roberto has since opened a number of restaurants and bars in Genoa including Cipprimerlo, Centro Surf, Baraonda Bar, Cave du Roi and BBQ Restaurant to name a few. In 2003, having gained enough knowledge and experience, he founded Maxela Ristorante Macellaria with branches in Genoa, Modena, Rome and Milan.

Inspired by Maxela’s success in Italy and keen to showcase the best produce from his native homeland to a brand-new market, Costa took on his next challenge and moved to London to open Macellaio RC in South Kensington (October 2012), followed by a second site in Exmouth Market (August 2015), a third in Union Street (October 2016), and a fourth on Northcote Road (August 2017).

With an emphasis on Fassona beef, Roberto’s ethos, or Metodo Costa, is simple: choose the best produce and cook simply to let the natural flavours shine through. Macellaio RC only work with small artisan farms in North West Italy, ensuring the animals are treated with the respect they deserve and making sure the animals live longer before slaughter, protecting the animals’ welfare.

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