Sara Conforti

Consulting Chef, former chef and owner of “Osteria del Vicario”, Certaldo (FI)

Sara was born in Pisa, in Tuscany. Her culinary journey began when she bought the restaurant “Osteria del Vicario”, renovated and reopened it with a new concept. She wasn’t even 20 years old. In 2003 she gained her Michelin star and maintained it for 8 years.

During her professional career, Conforti became the world’s ambassador of Tuscan cuisine, collaborated with many renowned restaurants, and made several television appearances. After 22 years of activity, in 2017 she decided to sell the restaurant to devote herself to consulting and private chef services.

The continuous search for product quality is a characteristic of her cuisine. It is Tuscan cuisine revisited in a modern way without losing the simplicity of its traditions.