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Pioneering, award-winning technology. Synergy Grill is revolutionising the catering industry. Combining high power with low energy consumption, Synergy Grills enable you to prepare food faster at less than half the energy costs.

Fat atomising technology means there’s no fat tray to clean and best of all, it creates seriously succulent food.

The Synergy Grill revolves around a Patented gas burner system which works at incredibly hot temperatures radiating off a specifically cultured ceramic heat bed. High heat atomises the fat so there’s no fat tray for chefs to clean and they don’t need to worry about responsibly disposing of fatty waste.

The vapour that’s naturally released from the fat and oils during cooking is also absorbed back into the food. This, combined with sharp branding, gives a superbly juicy and intense BBQ flavour. By incorporating gas and air in addition to using heat capturing ceramic technology, Synergy Grills use 59% less gas. This results in less CO residue than a conventional burner, creating a cleaner environment for chefs to work in.

This patented system also prevents any cross flavouring of meats or fish through smoke contamination. Synergy Grills also route cool air around the grill to produce cool-touch surfaces, protecting the operator.

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